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Mobix for CPR Stores


Mobix helps optimize customer experience by enabling front and back of store staff to offer customers mobile content transfer, device diagnostics and data wipe - all in an easy to use software.

Meet the Mobix Features.

Optimize your customer experience with these powerful in-store abilities:

Content Transfer 

Quick and simple migration of user data between all devices, regardless of Make, Model or OS. Fastest content transfer solution that exists thanks to our simultaneous read and write capabilities and our constant innovations.

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Diagnose all software and hardware issues with a huge selection of automatic and semi-automatic tests to choose from. Fast and reliable test results give you an accurate picture of the overall device health and any specific issues. Runs on all Android and iOS devices.

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Make your customers feel safe and secure with a fast and reliable data wipe.
All personal data is wiped before a trade-in, return or repair of any device.

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Mobix Look and Feel

Plug in the device and simply select the desired action.

CPR Mobix Homescreen

Common Mobix Utilization 

  • Customer Reported Fault Confirmation

  • Customer Facing Diagnostics pre-Repair

  • Battery Upsell

  • Data Backup pre-Flash / Reset / Wipe

  • Trade-In Evaluation

  • QC Post Repair

  • Data Transfer to New / Loaner Device

  • Data Wipe Devices Accepted to Store’s Possession

  • Repair Paper Trail – “Insurance”

  • Handle SW induced issues via Wipe

CPR You Hero Mobix

What Makes Mobix so great?

Mobix Transfer Girl
  • Expert-level mobile care tools for both experts as well as non-professional, non-technical, customer-facing personnel

  • Fast automatic recognition; operator doesn’t even need to know the model connected

  • Graphic UI with clear illustrative, step-by-step instructions

  • Retail led design

  • Patent protected connectivity layer, handles everything without user intervention, eliminating all privacy concerns

  • Runs on any existing standard Windows PC

  • Doesn’t affect PC performance

  • No hardware is necessary (inexpensive USB hub is optional)

  • Maximize ROI, generate a new revenue stream

  • Customer facing, assuring customers they are in good professional hands

  • USB Speed, security and reliability

A Special Offer:



Per Computer

(vs. $360 per single PC license for non-Assurant users )

Mobix_CPR Logo
Mobix Corporate Club
  • Unlimited Content Transfer

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

  • CPR-Branded

  • Customer Facing

  • Unlimited Data Wipe

  • Unlimited Diagnostics

  • Yearly Payment

  • Digital support channel

  • CPR Results Printout

Special Offer
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