Data Wipe.

Do you respect your customer's privacy?
Every time you accept a mobile device for repair, trade-in or upgrade, you take your customer's data along with the physical device. Images, Videos, Chat history and more - all of those are not yours.

Using Mobix Data Wipe to remove all user data from smartphones ensures customer privacy is kept and your business is safe from privacy claims.


Quick mobile phone or tablet recognition and fastest mobile data Wipe. We're talking about 20 seconds between device connection to completion.  

Lock Check

Mobix ensures Apple FMiP, Samsung Reactivation and Google FRP locks have been properly removed before performing Wipe. 

Front or Back?

Mobix can be used both on front and the back of store, making mobile device purchase or repair experience a one to remember.


Know how to connect a mobile device to a USB cable? Good! You are now trained!

Multi OEM

Mobix Wipes data from Android and iOS smartphones.

When to use?

Use Mobix Wipe when accepting any device to your possession. Loaner return, trade-in or repair, all should have Wipe included in the process.

Mobix makes the hard part feel easy.

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