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Content Transfer.

Switching phones is a hassle for you and your customers. Increase your sales by easing the transition to a new phone, set up just the way they like it.
Mobix Transfers everything, from contacts to apps, settings to alarms - all in an easy to install, easy to use, easy to save your valuable time in the store. Have we said easy already?  

Mobix Transfer Girl


Quick mobile phone or tablet recognition and fastest mobile data Content Transfer. When we last tested, it was transferring 1GB in under two minutes.  


Know how to connect a mobile device to a USB cable? Good! You are now trained!

Full Migration

Our Full Migration option enables you to transfer all content from the old phone into the new phone. It migrates all user content and settings from iOS to iOS and Android to Android mobile devices.

Multi OEM

Mobix doesn't care if the connected device is an Apple, a Samsung or an LG smartphone, it will transfer mobile content between them all.

What's transferred?

Transfer Contacts, SMS, Images, Videos and Audio files between phones, smartphones and tablets


You can either merge the transferred content onto the target device or completely replace the existing content.

Backup & Restore

Backup and later Restore mobile content to a secured USB stick.

3rd party tools? Not here

You just need Mobix installed, no iTunes, no drivers, no export and import. Nothing.

Front or Back?

Mobix can be used both on front and the back of store, making mobile device purchase or repair experience a one to remember.

When to use?

Use Mobix phone to phone transfer for every new device sold, trade-in transaction or when issuing a loaner device.

Mobix frees you up to do more important things.

Mobix Transfer
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