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Mobix Diagnostics Guy

Mobile Device Diagnostics.

Identifying the problem is the first step to resolve it.
It doesn't matter if it's a Battery, Audio, Camera, Connectivity, Display, Keypad, Software or Sensor problem- Mobix will test and diagnose any smartphone running iOS or Android for a variety of issues.


Quick mobile phone or tablet recognition following a fast tests selection and execution.


Know how to connect a mobile device to a USB cable? Good! You are now trained!

What's tested?

Diagnose mobile phones and tablets for both hardware and software issues with a huge selection of Battery, Audio, Camera, Connectivity, Display, Keypad, SIM, Software or Sensor tests.

Multi OEM

Mobix doesn't care if the connected device is an Apple, a Samsung or an LG smartphone, it will diagnose software and hardware issues on all of them.

Diagnostics printout

Provide your customers with a detailed test report of their smartphone.


Test incoming devices to confirm customer reported issue and reduce your No Fault Found costs.

Front or Back?

Mobix can be used both on front and the back of store, making mobile device purchase or repair experience a one to remember.

When to use?

Use Mobix Diagnostics to evaluate device conditions for trade-in, accepting a device for repair or as a Quality Check before handing the device back to the customer.

Mobix makes every employee a mobile care expert.

Mobix Transfer

Diagnostics Test Results API Included for Corporate Club members.

Programmatically access Diagnostics session data for integration to 3rd party systems such as CRM / Helpdesk / Trade-In.

Contact your Mobix Account Manager or local distributor for technical details.

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Request a 7 day trial to see how Mobix can help.

Mobix is intended for commercial use only

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