Mobix, a smooth and simple way to Transfer, Diagnose & Wipe mobile devices.


Mobile Service, but better. 


Content Transfer

Quick and simple migration of user data between all devices, regardless of Make, Model or OS. Fastest content transfer solution that exists thanks to our simultaneous read and write capabilities and our constant innovations.

Switching phones is a hassle for you and your customers. Increase your sales by easing the transition to a new phone, set up just the way they like it.

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Mobile Device Diagnostics

Diagnose all software and hardware issues with a huge selection of automatic and semi-automatic tests to choose from. The fast and reliable test results give you an accurate picture of the overall device health and any specific issues. Runs on all Android and iOS devices and turns every employee into a mobile care expert.

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Data Wipe

Preform safe, secure and reliable data wipe.

All personal data is wiped before accepting a customer device into your possession.

This increases customer trust and is an invaluable sales tool and a software resolution to data related problems. Put your customers mind at ease so they keep coming back.

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Automatic device recognition and an intuitive UX do all the dirty work for you, freeing you up to take care of the customer.  Just connect the phones, click start and let the software work its magic. Know how to plug-in a USB cable?
You are now an expert!

Mobix boosts your customer service and your bottom line.


Simple pricing.

Mobix Corporate Club







  • Unlimited Content Transfer

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

  • Unlimited Wipe

  • Unlimited Diagnostics

  • 1 Windows PC license

  • Monthly payment



per month

  • Unlimited Content Transfer

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

  • Unlimited Wipe

  • Unlimited Diagnostics

  • 1 Windows PC license

  • Yearly payment



  • Unlimited Content Transfer

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

  • Unlimited Wipe

  • Unlimited Diagnostics

  • For +150 Windows PC licenses

  • Yearly payment

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Reporting and Analytics

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Q: Why should I provide Mobix services to my customer?

A: Mobix will help you provide the best possible service to your customers so that they always return. They will leave the store quickly with a working phone and that is how you are being compared to your competition. You save time, they leave happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Q: Can I charge for this service?

A: Yes you can. Many of our customers charge for the service and people are happy to pay for it. The average price charged is 10 USD per transaction.

Q: What exactly does Mobix transfer?

A:  Mobix allows you to transfer contacts, images, videos, audio and SMS across any set of devices. Using same OS full migration you are also able to transfer background images, alarms, dictionaries, apps, docs and settings.

Q: Can Mobix perform mobile device backup?

A: Yes, Mobix allows to backup any device to a secured USB stick, which is only accessible via Mobix -  that way you can backup before a repair or even give the customer a secured copy. In any way customer backup is not accessible in order to comply with privacy regulations and ensure customer trust.

Q:  Can Mobix Transfer mobile content from Android to iOS and vice versa?

A: Sure, Mobix handles mobile content transfer between any OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Feature phones, Palm OS, BBOS, BB10, etc…) and OEM (Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, HUAWEI, ZTE, etc…) to any OS and OEM. We ensure employees doesn’t even need to know what the OS and OEM of the handled device – they just need to plug it in.

Q: Does Mobix include centralized reporting?

A: Yes, Mobix is offering an optional centralized reporting where you can accurately see all content transfer, diagnostics test and data wipe transactions from all deployed stores.

Q: Do I need to purchase any Hardware?

A: No extra hardware is necessary. All you need is a windows PC with available USB ports and standard OEM data cables. You can purchase a USB connection hub and cables, some customer feel it's more convenient that way.

Q: Do I need an expert to install it?

A: No, you simply download the software with Administrator rights for the installation. After the installation anyone can use it.

Q: Will I need to handle device drivers?

A: No, the system takes care of everything, you don't even need to know what drivers are.

Q: How is Mobix so affordable?

A: We created a set of streamlined and simple tools that help you provide the best customer service possible. With no flashy and useless widgets, we can provide you with the lowest possible price.

Q: Which devices are supported?

A: There are currently over 4,000 phone models supported. Mobix is constantly adding new devices as they are launched. Some devices don't have USB connectivity and unfortunately we can't support those yet.

Q: Does Mobix offer integration or custom configuration?

A: No, Mobix is an off the shelf product and doesn't offer any customization. If that is what you want, we can put you in touch with some friends that do.

Q: Can Mobix be used by IT managers?

A: Yes, Mobix can help your organization better support employee mobile device on-boarding with Content Transfer, pre-repair Diagnostics and securing privacy with Wipe for any device returned or sent away for repair.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you can cancel your license anytime and it will end at the next billing point.

Q: Can I try Mobix?

A: Sure, just request a trial and we will send you a link and license key.

Q: Will the Mobix software effect my in store branding?

A: No, the application uses a subtle color scheme which fits in with most store brands.


About us.

Mobix group was established to provide industry leading mobile care tools to carriers, retailers and smaller independent shops. We take great pride in our software's reliability and simplicity, which enables us to provide you with an impressive feature set at a low cost. Our tools are designed to increase your customer experience and satisfaction. We are constantly striving to make your life easier and your business better.

Mobix is a division of mce systems, a leader in Mobile Care Experience whose solutions are used by tier-1 operators, call centers and logistics facilities worldwide.

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